Another busy day ahead for the team at Schofield's Sameday couriers

Deliveries for tomorrow are consisting of.

Collecting sheet steel from Pr2 long ridge then a further collection from Wigan for final delivery into wn8 Skelmersdale this job needed a 18t curtain side wagon

Collecting an electrical testing unit at 8am from TN38 St Leonard's on sea with direct delivery to wn8 the vehicle used was a small van travelling 283 miles

Collecting two pallets from L40 Burscough for Sameday delivery to the Eitihad stadium this job was completed over two trips as the items where still being produced and need to be onsite to keep the team onsite working so no downtime this was completed in a Xlwb due to the size

Collecting one pallet from l40 Burscough for delivery to Salford again this was another delivery that was needed onsite to prevent down time this job was completed on a lwb van

As you can see we deliver and collect and are able to alter plans at a moments notice to help prevent downtime for yourselves and your customers

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